Exercise 34: Working for children


“Collect as many examples of imagery for children as possible. Group the illustrations you’ve collected into the target age groups. Include at least one image for each age group”.

  • Pre-reader
  • Pre-school
  • Early-reader
  • Established reader
  • Older age groups



Early reader:

Established reader:

Older age groups:


Take two of these age groups and, for each one, go through a process of brainstorming around at least one word chosen from this list:

  • Festival
  • Scary
  • Wild
  • Growing
  • Journey
  • Sad
  • Family
  • Discovery

I choose the age groups of: Pre-reader and Older age groups.


“Pick an animal appropriate for each age group and brainstorm to identify themes, images and ideas pertinent to your age groups”.

I decided to pick a little bear for the pre-reader age group, and a little mouse for the older age groups.

Pre-reader, “Scary” and a little bear:

Then I started to create a spider diagram:

I decided to create an illustration based on an irrational fear that little kids have at night: a monster hidden in their closet. And since we had to choose an animal I decided to choose little bear for this illustration.

Illustration process:

Final image:

I think that this image really gives the feeling that I wanted to represent: that desperate fear that we sometimes felt as kids. And I am pleased with the creepy monster that I created sticking out of the closet.

Older age groups, “Journey”, and mouse:

I started by also creating a spider diagram of what I wanted to create:

Then I decided to create an illustration of a mouse going on a journey but to make it more age appropriate, the destination is true self knowledge, knowing who you are and what you want to do. I thought that the concept of finding yourself was a good one to represent in this illustration because it is something that you Strat thinking about as you get older and I thought it was accurate for this age group.

Illustration process:

Final illustration:

I am pleased with how this image turned out, but now that I am looking back I think I would have liked a more mature version of the drawing. I feel like it still looks a bit childish.


I found this exercise quite challenging, because I had to incorporate the age group, animal, and word. But I tried my best, and I think it turned out okay. I would change some things if I repeated the exercise again. But I am quite happy with the results, specially the first illustration. I think it would make a good book cover for that age group.

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