Exercise 33: Packaging


Produce a series of illustrations for packaging to be used for a new range of organic biscuits for children. There are three varieties in the range Raisin, Choc Chip and Ginger biscuits. The client specifically wants three illustrations featuring extinct animals interacting in some fun way with a biscuit to be used on the boxes. The drawings should be in full colour, and the client would like the colours to reflect the ‘flavour’ of the biscuit.”

First I did some research of what I would like to give to my kids if I was a mother, because even though the kids are the one who eat it the parents are the ones who buy it therefore it also needs to be targeted towards them. It’s about the perfect balance.

The images that interested me:

Then I did some research about the extinct animals that I could use for this exercise. And after a long consideration I decided to use a mammoth, a resplendent Quetzal, and a white lion. Then I decided to start the process of illustrating each flavour. I also decided that the name of the company could be “The rookie cookies” because I thought it was playful and fun. Something kids would enjoy and gravitate towards.

Chocolate chip flavour:

I decided to use the mammoth for this flavour because its big and dark brown, and I thought that this could represent the chocolate chip cookie.

Reference picture

Illustration process:

Final illustration:

Then I added the packaging details:

I really liked how the first flavour came out, I think the animal and the colours go very well with the flavour of the cookies. I also really enjoy the font I choose because I think it would appeal to a younger audience and its clean yet fun design would appeal to their parents.

Apple crumble cookie flavour:

For this flavour I decided to use the bird the illustration because I thought since it was a green colour it would work well with it.

Reference picture

Illustration process:

The final illustration:

Adding the packaging details:

I enjoyed how this turned out and I really like how friendly I was able to make the bird, I think it targets well the audience. I also like the fact that green is the main colour, in different shades. I think that this helped people identify the flavour.

White chocolate chip cookie:

For this flavour I decided to use the white lion because it kept the theme going of the flavour having the same colour as the animal. And I thought that this consistency would help the brand show professionalism and dedication.

Reference picture

Illustration process:

The final illustration:

Adding the packaging details:

I think that this illustration really worked for this flavour. I like the soft pastels colours, I think it would be really to children and their parents.


I enjoyed this exercise very much, I liked the fact that I got to make packaging for something that I would actually buy. But it was also challenging to think about all the possible audiences that could be clients with the correct packaging. I am really happy with the final result, and I enjoy how I made the cookie the bigger and main focus and then each animal underneath. I also really enjoy the different flavours I created and their colors.

The final three packagings:

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