Exercise 31: Travel guides


Your brief is to produce three illustrations for a series of books jackets, at the size of an existing travel guide, for the locations IstanbulHelsinki and Milan.

I was asked to write myself a brief:

“A travel agency wants you to create an illustration for the three cities that they are promoting for these Christmas holidays. They want you to create a clean yet eye catching image to represent the beauty of each city. They also want you to include a representative view, meaning something that is known in each city and the clients can look forward to seeing there.”

Then I started to do some research of each city to get an idea of their buildings, culture, and overall feeling:




Then I started creating the illustration for each City:


Illustration process:

I decided to create a contrast between the pitch black silhouette and the sunset behind it, I thought it looked magical and somewhere the clients will definitely want to visit.

Final illustration:

Travel guide for Istanbul:

I like how the letters match the colour palette of the illustration, colours which I choose thinking about the feeling that I wanted this image to give: magical, calm, timeless, soft, sentimental. That’s why I choose the pastel colors and the black colour for the powerful element. I also choose a letter font that matched the structural shapes of the building.


Illustration process:

Final illustration:

Travel guide for Helsinki:

For this illustration I decided to create a scenery that would be seen in winter due to the fact that the brief specified that it was a Christmas holiday. That’s why I decided to add the snow and I think it gives it a very fantasy related feeling. I also really like that I added the treats to frame the building and give it perspective and depth. And I also tried to create a contrast between the very bright and white surrounding and the strong colours of the building. I also enjoy the type of font that I used for the name of the city, I think it looks really classy and professional.


Illustration process:

Final illustration:

Travel guide for Milan:

For this last travel guide I decided to also use the technique I used in the first one: the black city and a gorgeous sky. But in this case I choose a river view of the city and used that to create a really pretty reflection on the water. I like the feeling that this represents which is a very magical, inviting, and enticing. It makes me want to go there and explore and get lost around the city. Furthermore, I like how the colors of this illustration work together and I think the letters of the tittle and its placement tie the whole ting together.


I really enjoyed this exercise because even though of our current situation I got to look at some new cities and imagine that I was actually going to travel somewhere. But I also enjoyed it because I found it vey interesting to write my own brief and then follow it as if it was a client. I am happy with the end results of the three final illustrations, and I think I represented each city effectively and creatively.

The final travel guides:

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