Exercise 28: Character development


“Collect as many examples as possible of different characters – newspapers and magazines are a particular good source. Catalogue these characters as types – babies, children, sportsmen, old women – create your own category headings.”

Here are some images of the research I did about different character and their categories:

Women heroes:

Male heroes:

Animated characters:


“Decide upon a character you would like to create. This might be one from a book or story, or based on an archetype such as a businessman or vicar’s wife. Begin to brainstorm around your character – perhaps there are characters from the media or your own life you would like to focus on.”

I decided to create a character but based on something that sones’t have a personality, like a flower. I thought that this way it could be more interesting, trying to give life to a plant. This is the video of the creation process:

First sketch

Final images:

Calm and happy

Then try another, different character. Make sure you come up with someone completely different, not just the same person in different clothes.”

I decided to try a character using a different medium this time, I used water colors and paper instead of digital tools.

I really enjoyed this exercise, one of my favourite part was getting to play with the different facial expressions of each character and trying to express the emotions effectively. I also got a very small and simple preview of what an animation illustrator has to do to come up with a character. I found it very challenging but enriching.

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