Exercise 27: A visual distortion

Brief #1

Begin by drawing a cat or dog. Use reference from any source – life, photos or images from the internet. Draw the animal in a way that makes it ‘real’. Remember to describe some aspect of its appearance or personality“.

This is the illustration I created based of a picture of my cat when she was yawning:

Brief #2

“Do a second drawing using no more than five lines. These lines can join up with each other and overlap or can be less connected; they can be straight or fluid”.

I found this illustration to be quite challenging because there are many elements in this drawing. But I could do it using exactly 5 lines, even though the lines I used where really long and complicated.

Brief #3

“Now make a collage from bits cut from magazines and printouts. Let the texture of a tree be the fur for example. Have fun introducing surreal elements. Deliberately distort. How far can you bend reality?

For this I created a base using as many lines as I needed, and then I proceeded to collect the pictures I would use for the collage:

Then I photoshopped them into the different parts of my cat (with two different background colors):

I really liked the intenseness of this image and how the background makes it even more powerful. I am really happy that I choose pictures that worked well together.

Brief #4

“Produce a drawn version (not a tracing) of your collage. When drawing, edit and select from the collage being aware of the properties you want to create a strong character. Review the distorted version and decide how you can refine the image.

I wanted this drawing to still have the essence of the previous collage because I liked how the composition and elements worked together.

“This image can now be incorporated into a bigger image. Use your imagination and introduce at least one other element that introduces a narrative. Be creative but consistent in the development and rendering of this additional content.

Since this image looks really powerful yet scary I decided to embrace that at the fullest and create a surreal content. I used the following images to create the narrative:

The final image with the first illustration:

The final image with the second illustration:

I decided to add some lightning bolts as if she had super powers:


I really like how my last piece turned out, it reminds me of a kind of Pokemon. I love how powerful she looks. I am really happy that I choose this photograph of my cat because I think that without her yawning I would have done a completely different work. In this exercise I learned how you can use a totally “random” image to a create a specific narrative. I would have never thought it’d be using pieces from a machine or smoke to draw a cat, but I am glad I did.

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