Exercise 26: A tattoo


A friend has asked you to design a tattoo for them based on the word Mum. He would also like you to make it into a greeting card that he can send his mother.

I was really pleased when I saw what this exercise was about, I actually love tattoos and have a couple of them myself. I have watched and researched a lot of tattoo artists. One of my favourite is called “m3.ink”. Some of her work:

These are some other tattoos from other artists that I really like as well:

As you can probably tel by these pictures, I like a very certain style of tattoos: very thin, simple and clean. Which is the way I decided to create the tattoos for this exercise.

But before I started to illustrate my ideas I thought about what mother means to me and how I could represent it in a tattoo.

Some key words:

  • Love
  • Life
  • Selfless
  • Sacrifice
  • Learn
  • Help
  • Together
  • Unbreakable
  • Bond

Then I came up with the concept that a daughter/son and a mother have a connection and bond that only them can understand and form part of, and I thought that two flowers could represent that. Because one is growing from the other, and the bigger one (mother) is looking over the smaller flower (kid):

I also decided to draw a kind of pansy flower, which represent how we will always have in our mind and in our hearts our loved ones.

Then I made another version of this illustration with the word mom on it:

Then I created a simple but very cute one:

Then I decided to do a version of the word mom but as a heart beat line:

Finally, I created a very minimalist illustration of two stars that represent how the bond that a mother and their child have will go on forever:

Then I photoshopped two favourite tattoos where I would tattoo them:

The 1st one:

The 2nd one:


This exercise is one of the favourites ones that I have done so far, I really like thinking about tattoo ideas. My favourite part is the process of fully representing a concept like “mother” into a tattoo. I am really proud of the two final tattoos that I created and the storyline behind them both.

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