Assignment 5: Seven days


The title is Seven days. These can be the seven days of the week or random days that tell a story. Your interpretation can be objective or subjective. You can produce seven separate, one large diagrammatic or a continuous strip illustration. You can decide on the media and methods you will use; the context – magazine, newspaper, book, brochure or poster; and the intended audience. You need to write yourself a brief that is clear and challenging but manageable“.

My brief:

“A psychologist expert in relationships and love wants you to create a poster that she will use digitally and fiscally to promote her couple therapy sessions. She wants you to represent the life that no married couple wants, where they are constantly fighting and trying to hide their problems by having kids or getting a new car. She wants you to title it “Don’t want to end up like this? You have creative liberty for the type of illustration you want to make, you can choose the colours, composition, …”

I started by creating a sketch of what I wanted my illustration to look like, having in mind the 7 days to represent the story:

Process of illustration:

Final illustration:

But I created different coloured backgrounds to choose from:

Adding the title and some details:

I overall really like this illustration. I think I made the 7 days really work to tell the story. I also enjoy that I made the word break bolder and in a different font, so it is more eye catching. I think that the seven illustrations work really well and actually do tell the story.


I think this is such an interesting exercise, I really enjoyed how much liberty it gave me, I could write my own brief and represent the 7 days however I wanted. Even though that was a little bit challenging for me personally, because I am a really indecisive person so I had a hard time choosing how to represent the 7 days and what brief to write. But it is with exercise like this that I learn to organise my time and ideas. I am really happy with the final result, and I think it could work really well at promoting the therapist.

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