Exercise 25: A menu card


For this exercise, you are asked to provide an illustration for use on the menu of a
sophisticated, quality fish restaurant – one in a chain sited in major European cities.

I started this exercise by drawing a rough sketch of my fist idea:

It was a wave that represented where the food comes from, given the fact that it’s a fish restaurant. But I didn’t like the idea or how I executed it. What I did like was the name I choose: “Sabor a mar”. Which means “Flavour of the sea” in Spanish, I thought it was appropriate because it was an European restaurant.

Then I proceeded to try another illustration:

I played with the composition of the illustration until I got something that I liked, then I added some different type of splashes, colours, and added where the name would go:

Then I did my final two illustrations:

I decided to create this illustration because I thought the a simple and clean drawing would represent better the sophisticated restaurant, like the brief asks. But I still wanted to represent what the restaurant is about, therefore I decided to create a water drop which stands for the sea.

And then I added the tittle:

I experimented with different types of fonts, colours and letter placement, but I found this type of letter to work the best. It looks professional, clean, simple yet elegant. But, in the white image you can’t really see the name therefore my final restaurant menu card would be this:


In this exercise I learned how the small changes of the letter font, colour, and composition of the illustration can affect how a product or brand is represented and view by its potential clients. I overall really enjoyed creating this menu illustration. And I am really proud of the final illustration, I think it looks really professional and sophisticated.

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