Exercise 24: A children’s book cover


You are asked to produce a cover illustration for a natural history book for children (age 7–11) entitled Animals from Around the World. The image is to be used as a full-colour front jacket to encourage children to choose this book from the library shelf.

To get an idea of the illustration I wanted to create a did some research of book covers about animals:

Then I started illustrating my first book cover:

Adding the title:

This is the first book cover I created and the least of my favourites, it too simple for my liking and I didn’t work on it hard enough. Although I liked the idea of the compilation of the images, I wasn’t totally pleased with the final result. But the images I chose, I made sure that they were some very rare and colourful animals to try to make it as interesting as possible and to incise the possible readers to pick up the book.

Second book cover:

Adding the title:

After finishing the first book cover I wanted to create something completely different: very colourful, detailed, and time consuming. I am really pleased with this final book cover, I think it is very loud and represents all the interesting creatures that would be inside this book. I also enjoy how the lettering matches the colours of the animal, I think it gives it a final touch to tie it all together.

Third book cover:

Adding the title:

This last cover is my favourite by far, I really enjoy the colour palette, the concept, the lettering, and the overall illustration. I am really happy with how it came out. I really like the fact that the two main key words (animals and world) are represented in the illustration. I also enjoy the outer space details, I think it gives it a nice exciting and creative touch.


In this exercise my skills and concept idea development improved by every book cover. In a way, I am happy I did the first book cover, even though I’m not 100% proud of it, because it helped me create the second an most importantly third book cover. I really enjoyed this exercise and I learned that you can always improve and develop your ideas until you are 100% satisfied with the end result.

The three book covers:

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