Exercise 23: Museum posters


You have been asked to produce three illustrations be used as part of a series of A3 posters to publicise the museum to the following audiences:

  • Child aged 5-9
  • Teenager 13-16
  • General adult audience

“Select one object for each of the audiences and create an image centred around that object in a way which you think best presents it to your market.

For this exercise I decided to use the same type of museum for the three group of ages, to further challenge myself and see what different concepts I could come up with referring to the same type of museum: A dinosaur museum.

Poster for Child aged 5-9

For the first poster I decided to promote a fun activity for children that involved candy and getting to know the museum. I thought it could be a fun and effective idea for two companies/businesses to collaborate and join their clients.

Illustration I created:

Making it look like a poster:

For this illustration I decided to use a friendly and calm looking dinosaur so the kids would actually want to attend, I also tried to take into consideration the timing and days of the event for their parents convenience. I really liked how this illustration cam out, I think it does a good job at representing the event. At the same time, I think I could have used more colourful colours to attract the attention of the possible clients.

Poster for Teenager 13-16

For this poster I decided to create another activity that I thought I would have enjoyed at that age, that is a treasure hunting in the museum (and you get to keep the prizes you find).

Illustration I created:

Making it look like a poster:

I think that the type of font and colours for this poster tied the whole thing together and made it more exciting and realistic. This is my favourite poster out of the three, I am really happy with the result. I think that placing the present in the dinosaur’s mouth was a great idea. And like the first poster, I tried to use a dinosaur that fit the theme and age group, I choose a dangerous and bigger dinosaurs because I thought that that would appeal to a older audience.

Poster for general adult audience

Finally, this age group was the hardest to create an activity for. But after much consideration I decided to adress a really common thing that most adults search to find: Love. Therefore, I created an event where you take a survey (a few days before the event) and then when you get there you get assigned a number on a sticker with your name tag, and your partner will have a matching one. Everybody has a perfect match according to the questions that they previously answered online. It is the perfect way to meet someone new in a non conventional way, yet exciting and knowing that everyone in that room is going through the same.

The illustration I created:

Making it look like a poser:

For this illustration I decided to make it really simple and colourful so it could deliver a clear message. I made the tittle really big and changed the colour for “perfect match” so it would be more eye catching for those who are interested. I really enjoy how this last poster came out, and I am really proud of the concept I created. I also like the balance between the really simple illustration and all the text.


I really enjoyed this exercise, I dedicated a lot of time and thought to the concept and illustration of each and every poster. I am pleased with how they came out. At the same time, this was my first time creating a digital poster and I decided to try a new app called “Adobe illustratior” which I really enjoyed and will continue to use in the future.

All three posters:

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