Exercise 22: Identifying tools and materials

Brief Pt1:

“Find a range of illustrators who use a particular medium. You may focus on the traditional such as pencil, watercolour, paint, gouache, coloured pencils, oil or acrylic paint, coloured pencils, collage, prints or on the more obviously digital processes – including digital collage, photography, digital drawing and painting”.

For this exercise, I have chosen three current digital artists:

 Ariabba         Jimena Reno              Eva Singer

Brief Pt2:

“Catalogue the illustrators according to similarities in the way that they use tools and materials. How do they distort or exaggerate the representation of elements in their work? How do they communicate through the use of metaphor or symbols?”.

Below I have compiled several works by each artist:

Ariabba is a UK based artist born in1986. Furthermore, she works using Procreate, a digital illustrating app, which I happen to also use. Her work is very fantasy inspired and she usually has a very full canvas with many details that compose the final image. She also works the gaming industry, therefore she is extremely familiar with the digital creative world. What I enjoy most of her art is the capability that it has to make you feel magical, as if you were in another galaxy where everything is possible. When I want to paint something “out of this world” I usually tend to visit her page to find inspiration.

Jimena Reno is a Spanish artist born in Madrid but now based in L.A., she is 25 years old. She studied “Bellas artes” in Spain where she developed her own particular style. She always works with oil based paint, I was able to find some pictures of the process of her working on a big art piece (see above). She has a YouTube channel where she talks about her techniques and teaches other learning artists how to use oil based paint. I started using this kind of technique and materials due to her, and I found her videos extremily helpful. When I don’t know how to achieve a certain idea or technique with oil paint, I always use her videos to learn. Finally, as we can appreciate in these pictures, she usually uses the same color palette and her signature color is pink.

Eva Singer is a smaller German artist that is currently 29 years old. Her style is very persistent and unique, her pieces are sketches always done with pencil (not digitally), and she uses fine lines to create her artwork. What I enjoy most about her art is that she can make a very simple and light sketch look so real and add personality to it. She usually draws women and sometimes self portraits (like the first image).

Brief Pt3:

“Choose one image which you most appreciate visually. In your learning log write about the way that the illustrator works. It often helps to begin by describing a picture. Ask yourself questions as you write such as: How is the image composed? How are colour, tone, and textures used to evoke a mood or convey an idea? Has the illustrator distorted the content within the imagery and how does this work for the purpose the image fulfils?”

I have chosen an image by Eva Singer:

I choose this image because I liked the way she coloured in the pants and hair, I have seen artists use this technique (shading with lines) but I have never seen it done like this. I really enjoy the prediction and different coloured lines that she did. I think it is a very detailed and complicated drawing yet she made it look so effortless and easy. I also enjoy the feeling that this illustration gives me, a very much calm and happy feeling. I also enjoy how she left the flowers almost unfitted, I think it gives a touch of light and freshness to the drawing.

After examining the illustration to the detail, I also noticed that the position that she drew her character in is a very complicated position. Yet she got the proportions and composition perfectly. She is an artist that I look up to for realism, precision, yet a touch of casualness in her artwork. I don’t know how else to explain it. I also really like that she is super consistent with her style, she never uses anything that is not a pencil or she uses colours, even though sometimes she’ll create a sketch in a red pencil that is the most variation you will see in her page.

I am a big fan and will try my best to recreate her style.

Brief Pt4:

“Go back to a visual you created for an earlier exercise and now render it using the same tools and materials as your chosen artist”.

I choose an illustration that I did for exercise 2 that looks nothing like the illustration from Eva Singer:

When I was trying to draw this piece in Eva Singer’s style, I realised that I had to transform this detailed and busy illustration into a almost sketch. And here is the process:

The final illustration:

Brief Pt5:

“Now choose a very different artwork and repeat the process”.

This time I choose an illustration I did for assignment 1, it is a completely different artwork:

The process of illustration:

The final illustration:


I found this exercise really challenging, because I could not find a way to recreate my drawing exactly like Eva Singer’s style. But I think I got pretty close, I actually really enjoyed the process and the comparisons I had to do in order to create these illustrations. I tried my best to create the shadows using the lines that she uses to create the same effect.

Finally, I think it is a really interesting exercise to do if you are trying to find new ways to make art and experiment with different styles in order to learn something new.

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