Assignment 3: A poster


“To design an illustration for a poster for a music event. An Early Music concert, a Jazz evening or for a pop group. You can choose. The finished poster will be reproduced at A3 size, but you can work at the size, in proportion, that you feel most comfortable with. You will need to provide your working drawings – the thumbnails and visuals – with the finished piece. The poster will include the title of the event, the date, time, place and any other information you think appropriate. You can either include this in your artwork or indicate where it will be positioned”.

“Start by brainstorming and create a mood board. Produce a range of alternative thumbnails in which you consider viewpoints and various arrangements of the content you have selected”.

I decided to create a poster for a solo song writer, she’s called “Sabrina Claudio”. This is the spider diagram I made to get an idea of how I wanted the poster to look like:

Then I decided to create a mood board of some of the ideas I had in mind:

I wanted to create illustrations with a lot of powerful feminine energy. And I also wanted to create some kind of contrast between a really girly concept (flowers and pink for example) and a strong female silhouette. I thought this would be appropriate because the singer stands for these ideas, she is a really powerful and independent woman. Who almost every song she sings is about calling out a man who mistreated her.

At the same time, I also wanted the illustration to have a sensual feeling because it’s what her music makes me (and the people I have asked) feel. That is why I added the red lips, the long hair, and some of the postures of the black silhouette.

Then I produced 3 possible illustrations:


In this illustration, her face represents her strong and unique personality with an intimidating look. But the flowers that are coming from inside her represent her softer side and all of the emotions that she lets us see in her music. Finally, I decided to really accentuate her latin features, because it is a big part of her identity.


In this second sketch, I decided to continue with the idea of the flowers but illustrating her whole body. I made her stand in this pose because it gives off strong and sensual feelings, almost like a goddess. I really liked that I used only flowers to cover her body, I assumed that if it was going to be on a poster and promoted in certain places where they might not be comfortable with nudity. But this way it gives the same effect but in a more artistic way.


Finally, for this last sketch, I decided to draw her in a different position and play with where the title could be at. I thought that this was a more unique idea but still representing her identity as a singer.

Then I was then asked to choose two compositions that I liked the best and create line visuals for both.

Therefore, I decided to develop the second and third sketches, this is the process of sketch #2:

Then I decided to create the final piece with different backgrounds options (and the last one with a glowing effect). As if this was real, and this way I could get the artist opinion on them:

On the other hand, is the process of the third sketch:

And then I did I the final piece with different colored options:

The two final pieces are the following:

I decided to choose this background color because I felt like it complemented the flowers and her skin tone the best. And it allowed me to make the concert information this pale color. I am really pleased with the fonts that I chose for this album cover, I think that the title is eye catching and that it flows really well with the shapes of her hair. I am also really happy that I managed to make her eyes and mouth stand out to give that sensual yet fear look.

This illustration, I decided to make it monochrome to furthermore differentiate it from the previous one, and have to completely different options. I like how minimalist this one is and I am really pleased with the title placement. I think it accentuates her curves and is very unique. I also like the saddle yet dementional shadow that I added, and how I choose the version where her silhouette is a lighter color that the background.


When creating this assignment, I made sure to have in mind all of the concepts and tools that the other exercises from this part made me learn. And to incorporate this knowledge in order to create a piece that had my full capacity and art skills. For example, I used 3 different viewpoints to choose from (exercise 19), I made sure that the illustration had a story and represented the singers ideologies (exercise 15), I also had in mind how music can influence the way you create something (exercise 17) that’s why I listened to her albums while illustrating this, and finally I made sure to really showcase the development of the illustrations I created (exercise 16).

More specifically, in this exercise I learned how to research the “client’s” style and personality and really take it into consideration to create a final piece that would not only suit them but also represent them and make promotion of their event. I really enjoyed the process of creating the final pieces and adding the trame and information to really make it look like a real poster. Finally, I would also like to say that the first final illustration (the coloured one) is by far my favourite one.

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