Exercise 11: Using black and white


Produce a line visual around one of these words:

  • Sea
  • Extraordinary
  • Building
  • Journey

“Through brainstorming, you may decide to draw from an object or selection of objects or work in a more narrative way around a scene or idea. Ensure that the line visual you produce through visual exploration and development is very clear, employing a line which is solid and definite – fine-liners over a pencil visual should give a clean edge“.

For this exercise I chose the word “journey”. When I was brainstorming to come up with an idea for this illustration I thought of what this word means to me. And I remember of a quote I love that says that the most important part of a journey is not only the destination but also the actual journey to get there. Therefore, I decided to capture this idea by illustrating a road trip to represent the beauty of the actual journey.

First sketches:

First sketch: frontal view from a car.
Second sketch: outsiders perspective of a car on the road.
#1: I decided to choose the second sketch and start developing it.
#7: I decided to change the background from a day light with mountains and river to a night version with clouds and a moon.
#8: I was happier with this version because there was more light and dark contrast between the clouds, the sky and the moon. And it allowed to bring more focus to the foreground.
Colored version
Final illustration: I decided to add some final elements like the light from the car and some stars for a more real and detailed sky.


I really liked this exercise because it made me work with really clean lines, which I usually don’t do. Which also made me spend more time on this exercise than I anticipated.
Furthermore, I was surprised by liking more the black and white version of my illustration due to the fact that I always choose to create art with color instead of a monochromatic scale of black and white.

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