Exercise 10: A subjective drawing


“Take another object and write a list of a series of words to describe it. In this drawing, you are not describing its function or purpose but its particular qualities. Is it shiny, hard, soft, fluffy, delicious or antique? These adjectives are subjective – there is no wrong or right – whichever words you select will be appropriate because they reflect your interpretation and understanding of the object.”

The object that I choose for this exercise was the pair of glasses because I immediately had some ideas when thinking about a subjective was to draw this item.

The words that I came up with were the following:

  • Vision
  • Eyes
  • Difference
  • Influence
  • Change
  • Blind
  • Frames
  • Glass
  • Rims
  • Shade
  • Blurry
  • Hard
  • Shinny
  • Soft
  • Sharp
  • Colours

Furthermore, the word that i choose was “vision”. Because I thought it was a wide yet accurate way to represent this item.

These are the images I choose for this item:


Then I proceeded to create the illustration:

first sketch
sketch #2
sketch #3
Final illustration


Making this illustration I decided to have a simpler approach to it, making it monochrome and with a clear foreground and background. And working more on the representation of the word “Vision”. Therefore, the glasses are the element on the foreground due that the illustration is focussed on them, and then the silhouette of the people are in the background.

Moreover, this illustration represents the chosen word in a more subjective way because it represents my representation of how our vision is influenced by everything and everyone that surrounds us since we are born. Particularly, I decided to focus on the negative side specifically on the way that the world makes us perceive humanity. It makes us feel the need to form part of a hierarchy of power, money, beauty, social status, … Making our differences a way to categorise each other and judge everyone creating marginalised groups.

In the illustration, the glasses represent the influence of society, religion, education, friends, politics, … on the way that we perceive people. Therefore, the silhouettes that are outside the glasses are not perceived differently, they all have the same rights that’s why they are all the same colour. But the silhouettes on the inside of the glasses are perceived in a different way and categorised by their differences.

On the other hand, I am not stating that differences are bad, we are all unique and our differences should be seen but nor in a negative way that judges and uses them as a way to create privileged groups.


This exercise helped me visualise an object in a different way, and I enjoyed the freedom that was given in this exercise due to the subjective element. I loved to focus on a ay to represent the word “vision”, and being able to give a clear meaning to my illustration.

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